Blog 19 – Psychic Predictions for 2020

At the start of the year, a common theme is to make predictions for 2020. Psychics are no exception, and I have taken ten YouTube Videos for psychic predictions. I combined the results into general trends and forecasts for 2020. I did the same in 2019, and the results can be found in this blog.

In addition to the top ten psychic predictions, I made my own predictions so we can compare psychic trends to a layperson (I claim to have no psychic ability). Therefore, providing a loose control group. I give the reasons why I make such predictions, along with the forecasts in Appendix 1.

I don’t claim for this to be a scientific study, just a bit of fun around predictions for the year ahead. I also don’t claim that these predictions will be accurate. It is a bit of fun to test the accuracy levels of psychic videos on YouTube. Most psychic predictor videos add the caveat that their claims won’t be 100% accurate.

To find ten psychic predictions, I entered “Psychic Global Predictions for 2020.” I used the top ten searches that came up and were published before the 1st of January 2020. I then combined the results to form the blog. Like I did for last year, I will test whether these predictions will come true. Last year most of the trends were correct, but the individual predictions were hit and miss.

This year’s trends can be categorized into five categories, Environment, Politics, Economy, Technology and Space, and others. I combined the patterns with a few specific predictions.

Trend 1 – The Environment

The environment and natural disasters were a theme across all ten psychic predictions in 2020. Here are some of the general predictions for 2020.

2020 will be the hottest year on record. Nearly all the psychic predictions made this prediction.

In 2020, there would be an increase in extreme weather, including increasing rainfall that leads to flooding, storms, cold, dry spells.

More specifically, predictions were made around the locations; Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, UK & Germany) which will see record levels.

Both Australia and California were predicted to have dry spells and wildfires in 2020. A few of the psychics predicted snow in Africa.

Significant cold spells are forecast by psychics in Germany, Canada, and the US.

Hurricane and cyclone season to be bad, areas predicted India, Ohio, and Kansas.

A big year for earthquakes, a few predicted that we see the biggest earthquake on record. Locations that are mentioned include; Canada, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, France, India, PNG, Australia, New Zealand, and California.

Volcanos predicted to erupt in Hawaii and Japan.

Trend 2 – Politics

Donald Trump was predicted to get re-elected but may not see the full-term due to health reasons. He won’t be forced out of office due to impeachment. This was a prevalent theme amongst the psychic predictions for 2020.

The US election will be like no other election. There is some suggestion that deception around elections with predictions of fraud.

A couple of people have predicted American troops will be invited into Mexico to help deal with drug gangs.

Elizabeth Warren’s name keeps coming up in the psychic predictions, but her role is unclear.

In the US, there are forecasts around judges and corruption making the news.

There are predictions for disaffection in Canada with the election system and Justin Trudeau. Some psychic predictions are suggesting that Canada will become a republic.

Angela Merkel to step down as the leader of Germany.

In Britain, the psychics are predicting more sex scandal within the royal family with implications for others (but nothing specific). Prince Charles takes up more duties, and a theme suggests Prince William becomes King quicker than expected. It isn’t clear whether they are predicting deaths or due to scandal. There is a forecast for pregnancy with Megan and Kate.

Issues will emerge in South Africa around the land, but it is expected to settle down by the end of the year.

Trend 3 – Economy

A common trend amongst the physic predictions is for the economy to remain stable this year. So, not much to predict for 2020.

The Dollar is predicted to be stable in 2020.

Some psychic predictions are suggesting a strong area for investment around oil and metals.

Brexit takes place, with an agreement between Britain and the EU, but the suggestion is a hard Brexit. Some are predicting more countries might follow. One psychic predicts that these countries leave or indicate a wish to leave the EU; Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

There is a specific prediction that Russian will interfere with the Brexit transition via a potential cyber-attack.

Some suggest that Germany and France will disagree about the future direction of the EU.

Trend 4 – Technology and Space

A new concept around Space. It wasn’t specific to the new concept.

There be an increasing interest around Greenland and Alaska due to global warming melting ice and it being a resource-rich area.

The US military will make public a new aircraft. One forecasts the revelation of anti-gravity aircraft that can travel over 10,000 miles, but this technology is over 40 years old.

NASA to confirm that there is life on other planets within the next five years.

There be an increase in the usage of artificial intelligence, particularly around the cyber robot.

A few psychics are predicting that 5G will be shown to be affecting the brain.

As with the 2019 predictions, there are predictions of revelations around UFOs and disclosure around Aliens. Although the 2019 predictions didn’t come true, so we will see what happens this year.

Trend 5 – Other

A few have suggested that things will feel differently next year, and a new generation is taking the lead. Not sure what this means, but it was an emerging theme, so I have included it in the predictions.

There will be an increase in Suicide rates.

The majority of psychic predictions were forecasting the past catching up with people, including more allegations of sexual misconduct. One suggested that Epstein’s girlfriend is living in Russia.

Hong Kong situation gets resolved, but no predictions on how it gets solved.

Terrorist attacks are occurring but no common predictions on location. One prediction that gives various areas of the terrorist attacks, which include; France, Italy, England, Norway, the US (one predicts Rockefeller center), and China. In Australia, a hijacked plane.

A major incident will make global headlines involving chemicals or oil. Another person predicted an explosion in China. Different psychics made these, so it’s unclear whether they are linked or not.

A submarine will sink, it is predicted something to do with China but not specific, i.e., whether it was Chinese, in Chinese waters, or sunk by China.

A prediction for an increase in people buying off-grid in 2020.

Conflicts in the Middle East, explicitly mentioning Saudi Arabia.

There are some specific predictions around famous people;
(1) A renowned car driver will die,
(2) A renowned singer will take an overdose,
(3) An American author has a car accident,
(4) A shooting of an artist by a woman
(5) A senior US politician to have a close brush with death.

That’s all for the combined psychic predictions in 2020. I have included my predictions and the reasons I gave for these predictions in Appendix 1. Take this as a bit of fun, and like the last results, some of these will come true, and others won’t. We will test whether the combined psychic predictions or my predictions will be better at predicting 2020.

Appendix 1 Ian Webb’s predictions and reasons

Section 1 – More extreme Weather

We are continuing to see an increase in more extreme weather throughout 2020. There will be an increase in extreme weather events due to climate change.

Increase in the intensity of cyclones in Asia and hurricanes in America. There will be a big tropical storm before the start of the hurricane season. I predict three major Hurricanes to hit America in 2020, of similar intensity to last year.

Areas in Europe are starting to see more flooding due to climate change around rivers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Portugal, Haiti, Fiji, Italy, and Greece could see floods from the sea.

I predict strong disagreements in the world about what actions to take about climate change. I see an agreement made, but scientists and environmentalists are skeptical about whether it is too little too late and not being quick enough.

On a similar note, a potential agreement around the deforestation of the Amazon being reached.

Section 2 – Natural Disasters

There is one thing for sure that there will be natural disasters every year. When making predictions around Volcanos, I read a few experts on the internet around which volcanos are likely to erupt. No expert can predict volcanos, so the best we can do is some educated guesswork unless you are psychic!

With earthquakes, I used a similar approach to predicting volcanos in that I read a few experts who suggest that the places are due for a significant earthquake. Both eruptions and earthquakes are more common in certain parts of the world. Therefore the location is a bit of guesswork.

Volcanos I would predict PNG, Indonesia, South America, and New Zealand to have large volcanos erupting in 2020. Hawaii and Italy will see activity but on a smaller scale.

I would predict a major underwater volcano erupting near Japan.

I predict above seven on the raicher scales in these countries, the US (California & Alaska), New Zealand, Chile, Indonesia, Manilla (Philippines).

I would predict that one of these earthquakes will cause a Tsunami in Asia.

I predict mudslides in South America and India.

Section 3 – Economy

Unless there is a financial market collapse, most of the country’s economy is stable and should be easier to predict. Since the last collapse of the Markets in 2008, the economies have been relativity stable in predictions. Therefore, my predictions are based on past patterns.

I predict much the same around the economy for 2020 experienced in 2019.

I see a resolution to the China and the US trade war.

Britain and Japan’s economy will be very similar to 2019. Not growing, but not declining either

US economy to remain stable, but struggle and potential fall in recession in late 2020. However, the national debt to continue to increase in 2020. People start to become alarmed at the debt level, particularly to China.

Eurozone countries will continue to struggle, particularly the car industry attempting to adapt to movement in artificial intelligence, emerging of new car building countries, and new technology, such as electric cars.

New emerging markets will be stable and not showing significant growth.

Section 4 – Politics

Most of the political predictions are just based on common sense, what experts have said would be factors in 2020 and previous patterns. For example, Trump to be re-elected is only based on the fact most sitting presidents get a second term. The royal family, predictions are just a continuation from 2019.

Trump to be re-elected.

A deal between the EU and the UK over Brexit. More of a hard Brexit deal than a softer Brexit.

A new leader in Italy

South Africa economy to struggle, potentially going bankrupt.

No deals nationally to regulate the big technology companies

A resolution to the Hong Kong situation.

Royal family- the queen will be seen less in public, more of the duties falling to Charles and William. Harry and Megan will further distant from the monarchy. Still more fall out from Prince Andrew Scandal.

Section 5 – Technology

These predictions are based on expert views around their technology predictions for 2020.

Space becomes more important to the military. The race between Russia, China and the US around space supremacy

A new race around quantum computing, particularly around encrypting military software from quantum computer hacking.

China to lead the way in 5G and quantum mechanics technology.

Development of anti-drone technology to be used around airports and military

Increase in Military laser weapons.

There will be breakthroughs in the understanding of consciousness, relating to quantum mechanics.

Section 6 – Other

These are based on an average number of accidents happening over the last five years. The only other prediction I made is around Boeing canceling the 737 Max as there are still ongoing problems, and I’m suggesting confidence levels will be low in the public to fly on the planes.

Three plane crashes, which result in people’s deaths. Areas around the middle east, Asia, and North America.

Mountain accident which results in the death of several climbers in the Himalayas.

Terrorist attacks, mainly in Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Europe (minor France and Europe).

Boeing cancels 737-Max planes due to public concerns about flying on them.

A couple of cargo/tanker ships run aground in Asia and Europe, causing environmental pollution.

I will be launching podcasts in early 2020.
If you’re interested, you can buy my book at Amazon
Thanks for reading, Ian

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