Blog 18 – What happened to the Psychic Predictions for 2019?

I designed a homemade experiment that examined ten psychic’s predictions for 2019. All of these predictions were published on YouTube before the end of December 2018. This blog is a recap of those predictions, an assessment of the trends, and what they told us.

In my first psychic predictions blog, I developed a classification system for the predictions. Some predictions are very generic that anyone can make, and will come true, i.e., a celebrity will die, there will be an earthquake in the US, etc. These don’t tell us anything about whether psychics can predict the year ahead. On the other hand, other predictions will indicate some psychic powers that an everyday person would be unlikely to predict, i.e., a specific event, time, and location. Below are my classifications of statements.

1, A very generic statement that is too generic to verify.
2, Some generic statement within a geographical area, for example, Earthquake in the USA
3, Some political/science stories hitting the news.
4, Specific events with dates and a general location.

Most of the psychic predictions made in 2019 only make either level 2 or 3 on the classification scale. Only one Video could give specific events with dates, and in some circumstances, they provide us with the state the incident took place. Therefore, this imposed limitations on what the homemade study could achieve.

The blog isn’t a scientific study, just a bit of fun on what psychics predict to happen in 2019. Some common themes started to emerge from the ten psychic predictions. In the first blog, I have taken themes from the psychic predictions rather than what the individual psychics said in each incident. We didn’t have a control group, i.e., either a group of laypeople or expert groups making predictions in the field.

Prediction trends – 1

Trump doesn’t get impeached and goes on to win a second election. Other predictions around Trump of feeling more pressure, potential health issues that aren’t disclosed to the public, more campaign rallies, continuing changing of white house staff, and a potential problem around abortion rights.


One theme couldn’t be classified. Trump did get impeached, but this still needs to get past the upper house. As I write the blog, he is unlikely to be removed from office. Although, the trend does suggest Trump will win another election, which would suggest he wouldn’t get removed from office.

There were significant changes in the US around anti-abortion rights.

Prediction trends – 2

Increase in the levels of natural disasters in 2019. Most psychic predictions that I came across; (1) major earthquake in California, (2) other significant earthquakes, Italy, PNG, New Zealand, Japan, Fiji (3) considerable snowstorms in northern USA and Canada, (4) worldwide flooding (5) two significant hurricanes in US, & a typhoon in Asian (6) major bush fires in Australia and (7) general heating up of the climate.


1, There were two major earthquakes in California- 6.4 and 7.1 in July 2019.
2, Based on Significant earthquakes in 2019, PNG, Japan, New Zealand, and Fiji all had significant earthquakes. However, there were locations such as Russia, the Philippines which had significantly more earthquakes. Italy didn’t have a substantial earthquake in 2019
3, There were significant snowstorms in the USA and Canada in 2019.
4, More flooding is occurring around the world.
5, The US, had three intense hurricanes (rather than 2), The strength and number of hurricanes appear to be higher than a typical season average. It was reported the typhoon season was the costliest on record in Asian.
6, Major bush fires are still currently making headline news across the world in Australia.
7, We saw one (if not the hottest) years on record for the earth

Predictions trends 3 – Europe

2a In British Politics, all psychics predicted a hard Brexit that may not be solved this year. There will be a new Prime Minister after the Brexit deal is completed. Some predict that the UK will become a sub-branch of the EU. On Brexit day itself, some predictions of chaos at the borders and a cyber-attack on that day. Other forecasts for the UK; (1) A new political party established in the UK, (2) Discussions around who will become King (unclear predictions whether Queen dies or some duties moved to other members of the family), and (3) Megan will have a boy.
2b Mainland Europe. A new leader in Germany, move towards the far right – two camps in EU, closer links or breakaway. Issues with the German car industry, France may experience a terrorist attack
2c Italy has problems with finance and a volcano.


Brexit still isn’t sorted out, which was one of the predictions. The prediction of a new Prime Minister came true. Brexit is still ongoing, so the predictions are still ongoing.
Other specific predictions: A new political party was established in the UK. In fact, two new parties were formed but didn’t win any seats at the general election.
Megan did have a boy.
More duties were given to other members of the royal family.
There isn’t a new leader in Germany.
There wasn’t a major terrorist attack in France.
There are reports of significant job loses with the German Car Industry.
No significant news events around Italy and finance and the Mount Stromboli volcano erupted in 2019. So it was mixed results.

Predictions trends 4 – Space Technology

Quite a few psychic predictions focus on space and new technology. Here are some of the common predictions on space; (1) NASA makes a series of announcements around the moon, (2) problem with the international space station, (3) China announces some space technology that takes the world by surprise, (4) new British telescope & potential for fusion research, (5) deal between Britain and US around Space and (6) asteroid hitting Russia making international news.


1, NASA made announcements about going back to the moon in 2024.
2, A power shortage in the international space station made the news, but nothing with significant implications.
3, There were some announcements from China around space, but nothing that would take the world by surprise.
4, There is a new telescope operational in Britain (biggest one in the country). Britain has announced funding to build a fusion power plant by 2040.
5, There was an agreement between the US and Britain about Space.
6, There was an asteroid hitting Russia, and it did make international news.

Predictions trends 5 – Medicine

Some developments in Medicine: (1) cure for a type of childhood cancer that will lead to further developments of tackling adult cancers, (2) new disease in Africa that kills people but when cure is found it helps to prevent and treat other diseases, (3) artificial liver transplant, (4) advances in understanding of the brain, (5) discover that saliva has many types, and (6) psychic energy is found in a patient in a coma.


I found no evidence of any of these in the news or research. Although, that is not say research hasn’t moved on, but none to the extent of a significant breakthrough, i.e., a cure for a type of childhood cancer.

Predictions trends 6 – Entertainment Predictions

Some Celebrity Stories: (1) decline in Hollywood film industry, (2) potential massive scandal in Hollywood, (3) suicide pact between two celebrities, (4) fires in Hollywood, which results in groups being formed to help the community and (5) successful musical movie, potentially based in London.


1, There is around 3-4% decline in box office sales.
2, There were several Hollywood scandals in 2019. However, it is difficult to determine whether this is more or less than in previous years.
3, There was evidence of suicide pact between two celebrities. It only came to light when I was writing this blog.
4, Some fires near Hollywood in 2019.
5, A musical movie (CATS) was released with its premiere in London. However, its reviews suggest it’s a flop rather than a success.

Predictions trends 7 – Global events

Some generic global events that one or two psychics predicted; (1) an Asian country going bankrupt, (2) protests in Mexico, (3) issues in Israel, (4) problems in the Middle East (potentially between Russia and US at play), which increase number of refugees heading for Europe, (5) an assassination or nearly assassination of a world leader, (6) issues around land in South Africa, (7) Julian Assange escapes from embassy after police deal with protests and (8) drones will hit the news in both military and terrorist activity (some mediums predicting drones involved in wars, but this already happens)


1, I don’t recall any Asian country going bankrupt in 2019.
2, There were some major protests in Mexico
3, There’s been several general elections in Israel in 2019.
4, There was the Iran shipping crisis in the middle of 2019
5, I don’t recall an assassination or attempted assassination in the news in 2019.
6, I found evidence of land reform within South Africa in 2019, but don’t remember it being a major news story internationally.
7, Julian Assange isn’t in the embassy, but he is in a British prison.
8, Drones hit the news in the middle east, where reports of US and Iranian drones being shot down.

Predictions trends 8 – Economy

(1) US economy does well, (2) different predictions for the Chinese economy, (3) Bitcoin is mentioned to be more popular but lose individual value, (4) potential deal between EU, USA, and Italy, (5) trade war between USA and China, and (7) UK Government to launch new help to buy scheme for first-time house buyers


All seem to have happened except for a deal between the US, USA, and Italy.

Predictions trends 9 – Technology Advancement

Technology advancements; (1) big leaps in artificial intelligence, (2) increase in online shopping & decline in the high street, (3) discovery of new dinosaur bones which is a significant find, (4) US Government makes announcement around UFO Technology that they reversed engineered, (5) new social media launched – decline in Facebook and (6) privacy issues around use of technology


1, There has been leaps in artificial intelligence, however it is difficult to quantify how significant these are in the long term.
2, In Britain, there is an increase in online shopping and a declining high street (where I live). However, there is considerable variation with some high streets performing well.
3, Many new dinosaur bones have been discovered.
4, I not seen any announcements of the US Government confirming UFO technology that had been reversed engineered.
5, New social media launched, and a decline in Facebook usage.
6, There’s been a few privacy issues with social media, but doesn’t appear anything as significant as in previous years.

Predictions trends 10 – Crashes

9, Crashes; (1) two ships to sink off Quebec and Coast of Scotland, (2) plane spins out of the sky.


A fishing boat sank off the coast of Scotland, with the crew being rescued, but no incident recorded on the coast of Quebec. However, there’s various other ships where sinking happened in 2019 with people losing their life, which weren’t picked up.
The plane spins out of the sky is an accurate description of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which resulted in the grounding of the fleet of the Boeing 737 Max airplanes.

My Observations

When I complied the predictions in 2019, I wasn’t sure about the actual predictions because most were very generic, there will be earthquakes, natural disasters. The majority of the trends did come true. Although, the decision around whether there is evidence of psychic powers is a difficult question. Would a layperson (someone like me with no psychic abilities) have the same accuracy as psychics? I will test this out in my blog around 2020 predictions.

When I did the predictions trends, there was a very general trend of increases in natural disasters from around the world. This came true. Other trends did come true. However, specific predictions are very hit and miss. A few came true, e.g., Britain has a new Prime Minister, a decline in Facebook popularity, but an equal amount didn’t come true, i.e., no major revelation regarding the US using Alien technology.

What I notice is there were plenty of disasters across the world around shipping, ferries, airplane crashes, acts of terrorism that weren’t picked up by psychic predictions. The focus of psychic predictions generally focused on Western English-speaking countries. This leads to another problem in evaluating psychic predictions around whether forecasts they missed should be included in the final analysis.

I’m left with the feeling that although the majority of trends did come true, a layperson could predict them. It is why for the 2020 predictions; I will include my predictions for 2020 and the reasoning behind the predictions. By the end of 2020, I will cross-reference whether the psychic trends were more accurate or myself. It isn’t scientific, but it’s a bit of fun!

So, for people who are listening and using psychic predictions for 2020. They aren’t 100% accurate, but some of the more established Psychic You Tubers, always give this note of caution when posting the Videos. Use them in the context that it is a bit of fun, and don’t take them too seriously!

I will be launching podcasts in early 2020.
If you’re interested, you can buy my book at Amazon
Thanks for reading, Ian

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