Welcome, to the Paranormal Webb (I do love a good pun, and I have the surname for it!). The website is in support of my new book: The Quantum Mind: Can Science Explain Paranormal Phenomena? I hope to share my curiosity in the paranormal and help you understand some of the research, which will aid in the decision making of whether you believe in the paranormal or not.

How the book came about

My curiosity for the paranormal started when I was young. I witnessed a strange dark shadow moving across the room, and then it interacted with another person (they jumped out of their seat as they felt something). It happened within a second of me seeing the shadow. I never really found a rational explanation, for what I witnessed.

Many years passed, I went to university to study psychology and ended up completing a research degree. Also, I got the holy grail of any research degree student, a paper published in an international journal (still available on google scholar). At the time I fell out of love with research, it was more about writing in a scholarly style rather than the love of discovering new facts.

After university, I met up with a chief executive of a local council (who is no longer with us). A promise of using research to influence decision making was too good to miss. So, I decided to embark on a career in Local Government. I ended up taking an interim role as a middle tier manager for 18 months. After the manager came back, I decided to go back to my old position (which was less intense) and go back to reading the research, which relit my passion for the paranormal.

I wanted to answer two simple questions; (1) does paranormal phenomenon exist? (2) if so, can science explain people’s experiences? I undertook a short course to learn the fundamentals of paranormal research. From this, another two years of research led me to produce a book with my answers.

When I started, I never set out to write a book. However, the more I read, the more I thought I had something to add to the literature. I’m a firm believer in allowing the reader to make their own decision rather than preaching my opinions. All I ask when reading the website and the book is to be open-minded to all arguments, not just those that fit your beliefs.

A common question I get asked, you have done all this research what are your conclusions to your questions? On the First question, I believe there is too much positive and well-conducted research into the paranormal to completely dismiss the evidence.

What I find fascinating, is the second question, whether paranormal can be explained scientifically? There isn’t a yes or no answer. Many explanations for paranormal phenomenon have been put forward, such as human bio-energy fields, which is like the Eastern philosophy of Chi/Qi or whether supernatural/spirits are causing the event. There are a few researchers in the 21st Century who are using a Quantum Mechanics framework to investigate the paranormal. I will let you decide, what is the best explanation to paranormal phenomenon based on the evidence.