Psychic Predictions Review for 2020

What a year 2020 has been?

At the end of 2019, I searched YouTube for psychic predictions for 2020 and produced a list of common themes emerging from the top ten searches. How did the psychics do for predicting 2020? I have included the predictions made for 2020 in Appendix 1

Did any of the psychics predict covid-19 and the pandemic that most of the world had seen? Well, no, they didn’t. The closest theme emerges that 2020 will feel different from previous years. But none of the psychics predicted the world pandemic that dominated news for most of the year.

One strong theme that emerged from the 2020 predictions was that Donald Trump would be re-elected for the second term. Well, that didn’t happen either!

In the analysis of the 2019 predictions, I was slightly skeptical that psychics predictions are very generic, for example, there will be wild-fires in California and Australia, etc.

Over the last couple of years of collecting psychic predictions for the following year on YouTube, I have concluded that psychics predicting the forthcoming year is no better than the average person off the street. Therefore, take with a pinch of salt these predictions made by psychics! I will not make the Psychic predictions list for 2021.

So, what does this means for Psychics predictions of the future? First of all, this study isn’t scientific therefore could neither totally accept or reject claims, as the sample is only based on a search engine rather than a selective sample. Secondly, quite a few mediums (I believe to be genuine) never give predictions of the future. Finally, some interesting experimental findings question the perception of time.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I created a 20 episode podcast series that will be published in 2021. It will give you the story behind paranormal phenomena, why certain things are classified as paranormal, case studies, experimental evidence for paranormal, and current scientific frameworks for studying paranormal phenomena.

Thanks for reading, Ian

Appendix 1

At the start of the year, a common theme is to make predictions for 2020. Psychics are no exception, and I have taken ten YouTube Videos for psychic predictions. I combined the results into general trends and forecasts for 2020. I did the same in 2019, and the results can be found in this blog.

In addition to the top ten psychic predictions, I made my predictions so we can compare psychic trends to a layperson (I claim to have no psychic ability). Therefore, providing a loose control group. I give the reasons why I make such predictions, along with the forecasts.

I don’t claim for this to be a scientific study, just a bit of fun around predictions for the year ahead. I also don’t claim that these predictions will be accurate. It is a bit of fun to test the accuracy levels of psychic videos on YouTube. Most psychic predictor video adds the caveat that their claims won’t be 100% accurate.

To find ten psychic predictions, I entered “Psychic Global Predictions for 2020.” I used the top ten searchers that came up and was published before the 1st of January 2020. I then combined the results to form the blog. Like I did for last year, I will test whether these predictions will come true. Last year most of the trends were correct, but the individual predictions were hit and miss.

This year’s trends can be categorized into five categories, Environment, Politics, Economy, Technology and Space, and others. I combined the patterns with a few specific predictions. 

Trend 1 – The Environment

The environment and natural disasters were a theme across all ten psychic predictions in 2020. Here are some of the general predictions for 2020.

2020 will be the hottest year on record. Nearly all the psychic predictions made this prediction.

In 2020, there would be an increase in extreme weather, including increasing rainfall that leads to flooding, storms, cold, dry spells. 

More specifically, predictions were made around the locations; Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, UK & Germany) would see record levels.

Both Australia and California were predicted to have dry spells and wildfires in 2020. A few of the psychics predicted snow in Africa.

Significant cold spells are forecast by psychic predicts in Germany, Canada, and the US.

Hurricane and cyclone season to be bad, areas predicted India, Ohio, and Kanzus.

A big year for earthquakes, a few predicted that we see the biggest earthquake on record. Locations that are mentioned include; Canada, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, France, India, PNG, Australia, New Zealand, and California.

Volcanos predicted to erupt in Hawaii and Japan.

Trend 2 – Politics

Donald Trump was predicted to get re-elected but may not see the full-term due to health reasons. He won’t be forced out of office due to impeachment. This was a prevalent theme amongst the psychic predictions for 2020.

The US election will be like no other election. There is some suggestion that deception around elections with predictions of fraud.

A couple of people have predicted American troops will be invited into Mexico to help deal with drug gangs.

Elizabeth Warren names keep coming up in the psychic predictions, but her role is unclear.

In the US, there are forecasts around judges and corruption making the news.

There are predictions for disaffection in Canada with the election system and Justin Trudo. Some psychic predictions are suggesting that Canada will become a republic.

Angela Merkel to step down as the leader of Germany.

In Britain, the psychics are predicting more sex scandal within the royal family with implications for others (but nothing specific). Prince Charles takes up more duties, and a theme suggests Prince William becomes King quicker than expected. It isn’t clear whether they are predicting deaths or due to scandal. There is a forecast for pregnancy with Megan and Kate. 

Issues will emerge in South Africa around the land, but it is expected to settle down by the end of the year.

Trend 3 – Economy 

A common trend amongst the physic predictions is for the economy to remain stable this year. So, not much to predict for 2020.

The Dollar is predicted to be stable in 2020.

Some psychic predictions are suggesting a strong area for investment around oil and metals.

Brexit takes place, with an agreement between Britain and the EU, but the suggestion is a hard Brexit. Some are predicting more countries might follow. One psychic predicts that these countries leave or indicate a wish to leave the EU; Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain.

There is a specific prediction that Russian will interfere with the Brexit transition via a potential cyber-attack. 

Some suggest that Germany and France will disagree about the future direction of the EU.

Trend 4 – Technology and Space

A new concept around Space. It wasn’t specific to the new concept.

There be an increasing interest around Greenland and Alaska due to global warming melting ice and it being a resource-rich area.

The US military will make public a new aircraft. One forecasts the revelation of anti-gravity aircraft that can travel over 10,000 miles, but this technology is over 40 years old.

NASA to confirm that there is life on other planets within the next five years.

There be an increase in the usage of artificial intelligence, particularly around the cyber robot.

A few psychics are predicting that 5G will be shown to be affecting the brain.

As with the 2019 predictions, there are predictions that revelations around UFOs and disclosure around Aliens. Although the 2019 predictions didn’t come true, so we will see what happens this year.

Trend 5 – Other

A few have suggested that things will feel differently next year, and a new generation is taking the lead. Not sure what this means, but it was an emerging theme, so I have included it in the predictions.

There will be an increase in Suicide rates.

The majority of psychic predictions were forecasting the past catching up with people, including more allegations of sexual misconduct. One suggested that Epstein’s girlfriend is living in Russia.

Hong Kong situation gets resolved, but no predictions on how it gets solved.

Terrorist attacks are occurring but no common predictions on location. One prediction that various areas of the terrorist attacks, which include; France, Italy, England, Norway, the US (one predicts Rockefeller center), and China. In Australia, a hijacked plane.

A major incident will make global headlines involving chemicals or oil. Another person predicted an explosion in China. Different psychics made these, so it’s unclear whether they are linked or not.

A submarine will sink, it is predicted something to do with China but not specific, i.e., whether it was Chinese, in Chinese waters, or sunk by China.

A prediction for an increase in people buying off-grid in 2020.

Conflicts in the Middle East, explicitly mentioning Saudi Arabia.

There are some specific predictions around famous people;
 (1) A renowned car driver will die, 
(2) renowned singer will take an overdose, 
(3) American author has a car accident,
(4) A shooting of an artist by a woman 
(5) Senior US politician to have a close brush with death.

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