Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the least well-known paranormal topic. Remote viewing is the alleged ability for people to see things at different locations to themselves, often separated by 1000’s of miles. There are similarities with mediums in that there is the ability to see beyond the normal range. However, the main difference is that remote viewing is seen as a human capability and not linked with spirits.

Remote viewing or commonly known as Psychic Spies started in the cold war between United States and the Soviet Union. In the 1970s a series of articles were published that brought remote viewing to the attention of parapsychologists. The papers claimed there was evidence for remote viewing with several successful experiments.

Between the 1970s and mid-1990s, the United States conducted research and operations into remote viewing. Even President Carter reported on a remote viewing operation. At face value, the fact that the United States top government officials knew about the programme is suggestive that they thought there was some merit in remote viewing.

Further remote viewing experiments have been conducted into Archaeology and Financial Markets. These remote viewing experiments have been reported to be successful. The Archaeology experiment had different places where the remote viewer and professional archaeologist wanted to explore. The remote viewer correctly located the area. Experts are divided on whether to accept remote viewing as real but there is a body of evidence and operational examples which demonstrates remote viewing.

Many websites have sprung up around remote viewing. Some claim to solve the mysteries in the world by remote viewing. By googling or using any search engine, the term remote viewing gives access to the various websites and remote viewing experiments.