Blog 14 – Quantum Mechanics in Living Cells

This blog is one of my first that starts to move away from just looking at the paranormal. At first glance, this seems far removed from the paranormal, but it is fundamental to the theoretical basis to paranormal. At the heart of paranormal investigations is whether human consciousness can operate outside of the human body. We have seen in my other blogs that quantum mechanics has many similarities with paranormal research.

If paranormal is to have a theoretical basis, it will lay in the understanding of consciousness and quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics gives a potential theoretical basis to the paranormal, and consciousness is the most likely vehicle for the delivery of the phenomena. Therefore, this blog asks the question is there any evidence for quantum mechanics in living cells.

It seems evident if there are chemical elements in the brain, there is likely to be some element of quantum mechanics (which is the study of the atomic and subatomic level). Therefore, it is absurd to suggest quantum mechanics wouldn’t be present. The question we should ask ourselves, is how much influence does quantum mechanics have on living cells? This relativity new branch of science is called biophysics.

One of the most critical processes on Earth is photosynthesis. Several peer-reviewed journals are suggesting that quantum mechanics is having an impact on photosynthesis, i.e., around energy transfer. It appears quantum mechanics is involved in making the system more efficient or in other words, we discovered more details on why photosynthesis is an incredibly efficient process. Although, not being an expert in cell research nor wanting to re-write the research (I provide some references at the end to the research). These studies are worthy of further discussion and what this means in terms of research.

Firstly, evolution theory teaches us that biological systems will become as efficient as possible to ensure their survival. A fundamental feature of plants is photosynthesis. Therefore, if quantum mechanics make things more efficient, then it makes sense, biological systems would have evolved this mechanism. It establishes that biological systems research will need to include quantum mechanics.

The next question that naturally follows on from this discussion, is quantum mechanics involved in any other biological systems? Other researchers have linked quantum mechanics principles to migratory birds and smell (although this is less established). Although a new field of biophysics, it is generating positive results. So at least we shouldn’t ignore the potential of quantum mechanics influencing biological systems.

At the start of this blog, we mentioned consciousness as a potential explanation for paranormal phenomena. Although there is little accepted evidence on consciousness, theorists are using quantum mechanics as a missing part of explaining consciousness. The best-known theory put forward on quantum mechanics and consciousness is by Penrose and Hameroff. In short, it suggests quantum mechanics processes may exist within microtubules in cells.

So, there is evidence of quantum mechanics in biological living systems and theories of consciousness containing elements of quantum mechanics. All this suggests quantum mechanics principles influence biological living systems. Despite being a new discipline, there were significant findings in biophysics research, which gives new relevance to the laws of quantum mechanics existence within biological systems.

The growing body of evidence around biophysics has a significant theoretical impact on paranormal research. The traditional view of science has held paranormal investigations as unscientific and outside the realms of science. However, this view ignores large parts of science. The emergence of evidence of quantum mechanics having an influence on biological mechanics and being a common theme in theories into consciousness are all suggestive that the scientific community (reference as a whole) should start to view paranormal evidence within the framework of Quantum Mechanics principles and theories of consciousness rather than obscure research, that doesn’t fit anywhere.

Further Reading.

For Hameroff and Penrose Orch theory

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Evidence of Quantum Entanglement in Photosynthetic.

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