Blog 8 – Psychic Predictions, Do They Come True?

The is one in a series of blogs that I have produced around paranormal research. This blog looks at psychic predictions made on the internet and whether they come true. Not only this but we will use a framework to evaluate the merits of the predictions, for example, are they predicting some common themes that will happen every year, i.e., there will be a natural disaster or are they more specific.

It seems every year more people are making predictions for the following year on social media. I found these predictions interesting, claims from psychics who can see into the future. Naturally I asked, are these genuine predictions from a paranormal source, educated guesswork or yearly things that are likely to be predicted? Importantly, all these predictions are published pre the time period, which allows some testing of the predictions.

I decided to do a home-made experiment. I searched the ten most popular psychic predictions for 2019 that were published before the end of December 2018 on youtube. I then tested to see if common themes existed and will later blog on the outcome of these predictions at the beginning of 2020.

Going through all ten, it was an interesting process. One didn’t have any significant predictions, just talked about the star signs. All others come up with various predictions. These can be classified in the following criteria.

1, A very generic statement that is too generic to verify.
2, Some generic statement within a geographical area, for example, Earthquake in the USA
3, Some political/science stories hitting the news.
4, Specific events with dates with a general location.

Most of the predictions were in the above criteria levels 2 and 3. Only one person could give specific events with dates, and in some circumstances, they provide us with the state the incident took place. To do a proper study into the claims, one would need a control group and at the end of the year compare the psychic predictions alongside the control group.

The blog isn’t a scientific study, just a bit of fun on what psychic claims predict to happen in 2019. Some common themes started to emerge from the pshysic predictions. I have taken themes from the pshysic predictions rather than what the psychics actually said in each incident (Otherwise it would be another book). Here are the themes

1, Trump doesn’t get impeached and goes on to win a second election. Other predictions around Trump of feeling more pressure, potential health issues that aren’t disclosed to the public, more campaign rallies, continuing changing of white house staff and the potential problem around abortion rights.

2, Increase in the levels of natural disasters 2019. Most psychic predictions that I come across; (1) major earthquake in California, (2) other significant earthquakes, Italy, PNG, New Zealand, Japan, Fiji (3) considerable snow storms in northern USA and Canada, (4) worldwide flooding (5) two major hurricanes in US, & a typhoon in Asian (6) major bush fires in Australia and (7) general heating up of the climate.

2, Europe:
2a In British Politics, all psychics predicted a hard Brexit that may not be solved this year. There will be a new Prime Minister after the Brexit deal is completed. Some predict that the UK will become a sub-branch of the EU. On Brexit day itself some predictions of chaos at the borders and a cyber attack on that day. Other predictions for the UK; (1) A new political party established in the UK, (2) Discussions around who will become King (unclear predictions whether Queen dies or some duties moved to other members of the family) and (3) Megan will have a boy.

2b Mainland Europe. New leader in Germany, move towards the far right – two camps in EU, closer links or breakaway. Issues with the German car industry, France may be hit by terrorism

2c Italy has issues with finance and a volcano.

3, Quite a few psychic predictions focus on space and new technology. Here a some of the common predictions on space; (1) NASA makes a series of announcements around the moon, (2) problem with the international space station, (3) China announces some space technology that takes the world by surprise, (4) new British telescope & potential for fusion research, (5) deal between Britain and US around Space and (6) asteroid hitting Russia making international news.

4, Some developments in Medicine: (1) cure for a type of childhood cancer that will lead the further developments of tackling adult cancers, (2) new disease in Africa that kills people but when cure is found it helps to prevent and treat other diseases, (3) artificial liver transplant, (4) advances in understanding of the brain, (5) discover that saliva has many types, and (6) psychic energy is found in a patient in a coma.

5, Some Celebrity Stories: (1) decline in Hollywood film industry, (2) potential massive scandal in Hollywood, (3) suicide pact between two celebraties, (4) fires in Hollywood, which results in groups being formed to help the community and (5) successful musical movie, potentially based in London.

6, Some generic global events that one or two psychics predictict; (1) an Asian country going bankrupt, (2) protests in Mexico, (3) issues in Israel, (4) problems in the Middle East (potentially with Russia and US at play), which increases the number of refugees heading for Europe, (5) an assassination or near assassination of a world leader, (6) issues around land in South Africa, (7) Julian Assange escapes from embassy after police deal with protests and (8) drones will hit the news in both military and terrorist activity (some mediums predicting drones involved in wars, but this already happens)

7, Economies; (1) US economy does well, (2) different predictions for the Chinese economy, (3) Bitcoin is mentioned to be more popular but lose individual value, (4) potential deal between EU, USA and Italy, (5) trade war between USA and China, and (7) UK Government to launch new help to buy scheme for first time house buyers

8, Technology advancements; (1) big leaps in artificial intelligence, (2) increase in online shopping & decline in high street, (3) discovery of a new dinosaur bones which is a significant find, (4) US Government makes announcement around UFO Technology that they reversed engineered, (5) new social media launched – decline in Facebook and (6) privacy issues around use of technology

9, Crashes; (1) two ships to sink off Quebec and Coast of Scotland, (2) plane spins out of the sky.

My Observations.
There are various ranges of predictions, and I would classify most as level two (some generic statements within a geographical area) or three (some political/science stories hitting the news). Only one gave state-level information and a rough date of when this would happen. Going through the process, you get a feel for some common themes which stood out for me; (1) Trump doesn’t get impeached and (2) significant increase in natural disasters, in particular a prediction for a major earthquake in California, Australian bush fires and (4) announcements around space and (5) drones. Most psychic predictions generally focus on the psychic’s country, which generally reflects the most popular in English speaking languages, i.e., Australia, the UK, and the USA.

There are some predictions that you don’t need to be psychic to predict, i.e., advancements in technology, natural disasters, plane crash, tensions between countries. These generally happen every year. Some precise predictions stood out around US announcement of confirmation of an alien craft at Rosewell (which would surprise me and the vast majority of the population).

Only time will tell whether the predictions will come true. Some will, what would be more interesting is whether the specific ones come true. If they do, it will lend more weight to psychic predictions.

Just a few notes of caution; (1) these predictions aren’t made by me and I don’t have an insight whether they will or will not come true, (2) in an ideal world I would have published before the end of the year in writing this blog, (3) this isn’t scientific survey of psychic making predictions, it is just a bit of fun (as you need a control group to do it correctly), (4) this study wouldn’t prove whether psychic predictions can be made and I don’t know whether videos I witnessed are genuine psychics or not and (5) I will blog back near the End of December to January to see how accurate the psychics have being.

I will be presenting a series of blogs around the paranormal: The next topic is “Mind Matter Debate – Does Paranormal Have a Role in the Debate?”

If you’re interested, you can buy my book at Amazon
Thanks for reading, Ian

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